Wednesday, April 29, 2009

COMMENT: Threats to America

Recently, the mainstream media (MSM) have reported on various threats to America.

The link between Democratic presidential administrations and swine flu, as explained by Michele Bachmann (R. - Minn.), demonstrates a clear threat to America. And even though Bachmann allegedly named the wrong administration when discussing the 1976 swine flu outbreak, the threat is no less real. Gerald Ford, and not Jimmy Carter, was president in 1976, which has led many in the MSM to say that Bachmann had her history "wrong." As usual, the MSM missed the key point, which is, as many people now acknowledge, that Gerald Ford was a secret Democrat. 

The MSM has also reported on the grave threat to America posed by the Obama administration's release of the so-called "terror memos." As Dick Cheney rightly points out, the release of the memos will help would-be terrorists prepare for being tortured, increasing the chances that they will not give up information once they are captured by American forces. The leak of information about the interrogation techniques, including waterboarding, stress positions, and sleep deprivation, is especially dangerous since the only other sources for information about torture are web sites like Wikipedia and MSM reports.

The most obvious threat to America is undoubtedly the economic recession, now in its third month. MSM coverage of this and the other clear and present dangers is widespread. 

What the MSM still refuse to cover are the threats to America that are not clear and present. No one is talking about the impending asteroid collision with America, for instance. What threats are there that we don't know about? What threats are not present? That's what the MSM should be identifying. What we don't know we don't know, and what we don't know that will or won't be present, are the real threats.

This is the fundamental failure of MSM, and the reason why so many of us have turned to the World Wide Web for better and more in-depth journalism.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Teabagging Protests Draw Attention To Dangerous Political Trends

Aroused to a desperate frenzy of action by neo-conservative commentators in both mainstream and new media, tens of thousands of protesters gathered for teabagging protests at venues across the US on Wednesday. The protests were staged to express traditional neo-conservatives' anger about political trends.

The rallies were directed against what movement leaders have called the Islamosocialistihomofascist agenda, including restoring capital credit markets, providing tax incentives for investors, and failing to send Navy SEALS to Vermont to stop the legislature's vote to override Governor Jim Douglas' veto of the same-sex marriage bill. 

In Boston, teabaggers waded into Boston Harbor, pulled off their swimming trunks or bike shorts, and proceeded to teabag one another while holding signs and chanting slogans. "I'm mad as hell," said banker Nick Tisdale, emerging from under real estate agent Dennis Von Soutern. "The government is giving away money and rights to people who do things like this!"

Meanwhile, the warm, humid spring weather caused trouble for the protest in Houston. "I'm going to be sick," noted insurance adjustor Douglas Marsh. "Never mind, stay where you are," replied fellow protester Mike Shambaugh, who leads the Texans True Militia.

There were many arrests across the country, mainly for indecent exposure, disturbing the peace, and in some jurisdictions, sodomy. Neoconservative commentators decried the arrests as violations of First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and assembly. "I'm afraid for my country," said Fox News' Glenn Beck, fighting off tears. "When men are barred from assembling peaceably to engage in a simple act of teabagging, this country is in terrible, terrible trouble."

"If the federal government continues to support socialist and homosexualist policies," said neo-con leader and Texas governor Rick Perry, "we'll secede! Are you okay down there, Ted?"

The bold, not to say ironic, nature of the protests was not lost on some conservative commentators. "For &*@#$s sake, Rush, keep it in your pants!" was all Fox's Sean Hannity could muster.

However, some conservatives have suggested that conservative teabagging has been going on for some time. Stepping out of a clutch of perspiring teabaggers in Atlanta, former Congressman Newt Gingrich claimed: "I started the conservative teabagging movement in the 90s. When it became clear what the Islamosocialistihomofascist agenda involved, I wanted to make sure every conservative Republican concerned about family values understood what was at stake."

"I started teabagging my fellow Republicans right away," Gingrich continued. "You know, so they would know how bad it is." 

Gingrich's work to fight same-sex marriage is also well-known among elite members of the conservative movement. "Think of all the careers and marriages of Republicans ruined by their sodomy," Gingrich said. "That proves the point: giving rights to gays destroys traditional marriages and family values. Are you okay down there, Glenn?"