Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fighting For Air

Proposed federal legislation would maintain current US air, effectively eliminating the threat of a Chinese proposal to replace US air with a new "global gas."

Representative Michele Bachmann (R-Minn), who is sponsoring the bill, said on Monday that the bill was necessary "to keep America strong, and to put an end to China's attempt to replace American air."

According to Bachmann, the Chinese government's proposal to the G20 summit would require removing all US air, and filling the vacuum with a reformulated gas. The gas would be 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen by volume, with the remaining 1% being composed of various "trace gases." 

Bachmann's bill, the America's Air Integrity Recovery Act (or America's AIR Act), would prohibit the government from entering any international agreement to replace current air with any gas formula. A controversial provision of the bill would establish an official US policy condemning any nation that does enter such an agreement.

"China has to be stopped," Bachmann stated. "This bill is a no-brainer. How could any real American oppose the America's AIR Act?"

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